Tull flute scores  
>>Now 11 pieces for flute.  
Many of us who love Jethro Tull music love also its flute. All of us who love flute have also wanted to play the flute. Some of us have tryed to play it. For all these ones goes this site page. Here, you'll find some score pieces for flute of part of JT songs. If you enjoy them let me know. If you had some J-tull score and want to share with us drop me an e-mail. That would be great.  
Pussy Willow. From the "A little light music" Pussy Willow inst. version 1992 pdf format
A new day yesterday (intro) from the cd "Live at Hammersmith" 1991
A new day yesterday (ending piece) from the the boot "Out in the green" 17-jun-88 jpg format
Locomotive breath. Instrumental version from 1984 jpg format
Flute solo. from "bursting out" official cd pdf format
Gypsy (intro) from a 2007 show pdf format
Round. from the official album "stand up" pdf.format
In a stone circle (edit) from the official Ian solo album pdf.format
A song for jeffrey (edit) from a live show in 2008 pdf.format
Sossity you are a woman. from Istambul 2008 live show. pdf.format
Fallen on the hard times. (intro) from "Broadsword and the beast" pdf format
Other recomendations & links
Fluttertongues web.- Notes and Sheet Music of Jethro Tull. Arranged for flute. Thanks!
Magic flute at "www.itullians.com" italian fansite. Great job and thanks for the sheet music.

An official resource
Flute solos by Ian Anderson.The sheet music for:Baker St. Muse, Big Dipper, Bungle in the Jungle, Chequered Flag (Dead Or Alive),
Cross-Eyed Mary, Cup of Wonder, Fire at Midnight, From Later, Living in the Past, Look Into the Sun, My God, Nothing is Easy, Passion Play Edit #8, The Whistler, The Witch's Promise, Thick as a Brick, Third Hurrah.